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  • No.
  • Time
  • Source
  • Destination
  • Protocol
  • Length
  • Info

Additional columns

  • ∆ Time
  • Date and Time
  • Abs Time
  • Rel Time
  • UTC Date and Time
  • UTC Time
  • Cumulative Bytes
  • Expert Info Severity
  • TCP Flags
  • TCP Len
  • Seq
  • Ack
  • Nxt Seq
  • Window
  • SrcPort
  • DstPort
  • Bytes in Flight
  • Phy type
  • Channel
  • Frequency
  • Signal dBm
  • Rate (Mb/s)
  • SSID
  • RSSI
  • TX Rate
  • HW Dest Addr
  • HW Src Addr
  • Server Name
  • HTTP Time

Custom column

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Custom Protocol Decodes

Decode As... lets you choose a specific protocol to decode your traffic that is running on a non-default port. This can be very useful for HTTP traffic running on other than port 80, or a variety of RTP scenarios. You may specify up to 10 different rules.

  Field Value Protocol
No decode-as rules have been defined.

TLS Keylog Information

Paste in the SSL Keylog file generated by your client software. Learn more...

TLS Keyog Data
TLS Keylog information is not available on read-only files.

TLS Private Keys

Drag and drop from the available RSA keys to set up SSL decryption of conversations. Please contact your Administrator to set up a new RSA Key for use within CloudShark.

Active RSA Keys
Available Keys
  • server.pem
  • SSL Session
  • heartbleed
  • sharkfest
  • rsa_key_decryption
  • mqtt-server
  • CDRouter XYZ

Wireless Decryption Options

  Type Key
No wireless decryption keys have been entered.

Advanced Protocol Preferences

Advanced Protocol Preferences can change the way the underlying packet decode engine processes packets. This allows advanced users to specificially tweak different aspects of the decode.

Preference Name About Value Default
eth.check_fcs Whether to validate the Frame Check Sequence FALSE
dcerpc.desegment_dcerpc Whether the DCE/RPC dissector should reassemble messages spanning multiple TCP segments. To use this option, you must also enable "Allow subdissectors to reassemble TCP streams" in the TCP protocol settings. FALSE
wlan.check_checksum Whether to validate the FCS checksum or not. FALSE

Enable/Disable Protocols

It is possible to enable to disable specific protocols and heuristic decoders to assist in certain advanced analysis situations.

Protocol Description Enabled Default
File is Read-Only. You may not save these settings.